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There’s a lot of marketing jargon we could throw at you to dazzle you with our brilliance, but there’s just one thing we want you to know. We’re your new marketing department. We know the startup life and understand how you’re often consumed building your team of engineers, sales reps, product experts, and executive team, not to mention your actual product, that you haven’t had time to think about your marketing efforts.

You could be looking for some expert help with your marketing strategy, a project, or with a complete funnel infrastructure. We’ve got your back. On lots of counts, actually. Lead gen. Marketing Ops. Sales enablement. Content marketing. We’re the right balance of left-and right-brained thinking to fuel your company’s growth.

We know when to listen and when to roll up our sleeves, always aiming for an on-budget finish that exceeds expectations. Knowing that marketing is never “won and done,” our aim is to set up your business for lasting success.



Marketing Strategy | Marketing 261


It’s way more than just tweets, emails, and blog posts. It’s about knowing your target audience, messaging, competitors, KPIs, and
uncovering the marketing channels that will drive growth.
Marketing Plan | Marketing 261


Put your strategy to work with a detailed blueprint on how you’ll achieve your goals. Your marketing strategy is the thinking and your marketing plan is all about the doing.

Marketing 261 Marketing Strategy


The key to success in marketing is the ability to execute and get stuff done. Sometimes you need a few more hands on deck to complete a project or a short term interim replacement.

Fresh Ideas | Marketing 261


Marketing is the lifeblood of your organization. To keep the momentum moving, it’s good to brainstorm new ideas, analyze programs, benchmark metrics, and identify weak spots.

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Ask me anything. This is your time to inquire about your marketing strategies, programs, campaigns, budget, content, SEO, or just brainstorm on ideas. During your AMA session, Marketing 261 can recommend practical and proven strategies and techniques for what’s working, what needs improving, and what’s simply eating away at the budget. Schedule your one-hour session today. Monthly spots fill up quickly.


Who is Marketing 261

Meet Michelle

Let me introduce myself. I’m Michelle Urban, founder of Marketing 261. We’re a battle-tested team of experts providing comprehensive marketing services. Think of us as dedicated partners who act as an extension of your business, and tailor solutions to meet your needs.

For over 15 years, I’ve helped business executives and marketing leaders build strategies for awarding winning companies including VerticalResponse, GoodData, SolarWinds (Librato and Papertrail), Layer, and productboard.

In all of my initiatives and campaigns, there are two things you’ll see over and over. One: they are expertly executed, and two: they produce real results. I know how to build measurable and scalable marketing programs for demand creation, lead generation, customer advocacy, and engagement.

Are you at the helm of a B2B tech start-up? Need to escalate your growth plan? Trying to build marketing momentum? Let’s talk. I’ll take care of the marketing. You get back to work.

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Keep the Story Alive: How to Repurpose Your Content

Keep the Story Alive: How to Repurpose Your Content

Make content repurposing a part of your strategy from the beginning. By dedicating a few hours each month to repurposing, you’ll breathe new life into older content and save valuable time and resources. Here’s 5 benefits you can expect to see from repurposing. Along with insights from some of the best content marketers.

Give Your Blog a Personality……Create a Blog Style Guide

Give Your Blog a Personality……Create a Blog Style Guide

A blog style guide is a brave declaration of your company’s vision and personality. It’s a must for companies in which multiple employees contribute to the blog; even handier for companies that hire outside freelancers to write posts. Here’s how you build a blog style guide for your organization.

Revenue Is The Only Marketing Metric That Really Matters

Revenue Is The Only Marketing Metric That Really Matters

An inbound marketing campaign that increased lead generation by 2,000%. With that kind of result, you would think I was popping open the Champagne and celebrating. Not exactly. If I could go back, I’d do it all differently. Here’s the marketing campaign breakdown.

When Your Content Isn’t Getting Any Love

When Your Content Isn’t Getting Any Love

You can’t launch endless amounts of content in hopes that it will catch fire. If you’re creating content consistently, but failing to get the results you want, it may be time to reflect on your content marketing strategy. We’ve create a free template to get you started.

Productivity Apps and Why They Don’t Work

Productivity Apps and Why They Don’t Work

There’s a point of diminishing returns when it comes to productivity apps and I’m pretty sure you’d hit it way before you download the 115th one. When you have a relentless craving to get things done, which system is going to work the best.

How I Made a $30K Marketing Automation Mistake

How I Made a $30K Marketing Automation Mistake

How do you know if your marketing infrastructure is ready for automation? There are several elements that factor into a decision to launch a marketing automation solution. I encourage marketers to do this mental inventory before they even think about implementation.

A Content Marketing Guide for Using Trello

A Content Marketing Guide for Using Trello

From brainstorming to writing the first draft to design, edits, and publication, there are a lot of hands involved in getting an article blog-ready. That’s a lot of collaboration. So what’s a content marker to do?

Marketing AMA: When You Need A Little Boost

Marketing AMA: When You Need A Little Boost

Today’s marketing involves creating relevance for your brand, building awareness of your product or service, developing compelling validation for your solution, and taking the right mitigating actions along the path to purchase. And there comes a point when you just need to know you are on track and doing the right thing.

What Startups Get Wrong About Their Marketing

What Startups Get Wrong About Their Marketing

A startup can have great products, great engineers, and strong leadership, but it’s hard to cut through the competitive noise without a solid marketing strategy in place. Here are four marketing mistakes startup leaders are likely to make.

Right-brained creative inspiration meets left-brain analytics to establish & scale quality, consistent marketing.

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