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From My Tribe To Yours: A Holiday Gift Guide For Working Moms

From My Tribe To Yours: A Holiday Gift Guide For Working Moms

Finding the perfect gift can be tough, especially for the working mom who doesn’t need another candle, kitchen towel, or tube of lavender hand lotion. What she needs are items that can make her everyday routine and workday simpler and overall more enjoyable. To help lift the stress and ideally bring more joy to your gifting experience, we’ve crafted a thoughtful list of gifts that will bring ease, delight, and add a touch of luxury into any working mom’s lifestyle (and dads!). The products mentioned in this post have been personally used, loved, and enjoyed by me or recommended by my tribe of working moms. These are real products used by everyday parents. This post does not contain any affiliate links.

Morning Routines

A parent’s morning routine involves a lot of organization and planning. It’s one of the most stressful times of the day. Teeth brushed, beds made, breakfast consumed, bodies clothed, lunches packed, kids to school, commute to work. It’s a ton of activity happening in a very short period. These seven items will surely help a mom feel ready to conquer the day.

>> Charging station

When corralling kids out the door, the last thing any parent needs to be doing is looking for their phones, watches, and computers. And more times than not, they’re also frantically waiting for their devices to be charged. These simple charging stations help eliminate clutter (which keeps for a stress-free and sane household) by keeping all essential electronics organized and in a tidy fashion.

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