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SaaS Conversion
Funnel & Reporting


This company has asked to remain anonymous. 

  • Based in San Francisco, CA
  • Offer a self-service tool for front-end engineers
  • 15 full-time employees & one part-time marketing contractor 
  • Set to raise Series B in the next 12-18 months
  • No budget for elaborate analytics
  • “Use what we have” and “we’ll do the legwork” mindset


The company needed what they called “the beginnings.” They needed a solid but not perfect idea of what a funnel would even look like for them. They just needed help getting started and understanding what metrics were important.


Week 1: Met with team to understand user journey

Week 2 & 3: Started the SaaS Conversion template

Week 4 & 5: Google Analytics improvement plan

Week 6 & 7:  Determined KPIs and sources

Week 8 & 9: Engineers organizing & gathering data

Week 10: Set up dashboards and tracking

Week 11: Tested delivery of reports

Week 12: Improved delivery reports

Week 13: Created master metrics tracking spreadsheet

Week 14: Final follow up


  • Provided entire organization visibility into key conversion metric — delivered weekly via Slack and accessible by a Slack bot command
  • Identified “North Star” metric — created a retainable long-term growth plan
  • Saved $12k a month — eliminated paid channels that were not converting
  • Uncovered highest convert channels  — crafted a “double-down” plan for organic
  • Discovered two major product-fiction points in the 14-day free trial  — helped prioritize product improvement areas

SaaS Conversion Funnel Template

Use this template to kick off the work. It’s a step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks document that lists out all the steps for developing, building out processes, integrating tools, and executing reporting. Having a working document, like this template, will be handy because it acts as a collaborative source of truth for all parties involved. Chances are, you will be working across departments with the executive team, sales, marketing, and engineers.