Marketing Predictability: Flip Your Marketing Funnel On Its Head

Marketing Funnel Reverse Engineer

Thanks to Leadsift for having me contribute to their 1-Minute Learning Series. The original marketing funnel interview with Alex Field highlighting lives on Leadsift’s Linkedin page.

Reverse Engineer Your Marketing Funnel

For a good majority of marketers, our core mandate is to generate leads. And more times than we can count, CEOs, executives, and sales aimlessly tell marketing, “we need leads.”

No. You want revenue.

Sure, leads get you to revenue, but let’s get everyone on the same page. Revenue is what matters. Nothing else.

When you have business leaders asking for leads, and a sales team that is hungry to bring in revenue, it’s time to reverse engineer your marketing funnel. Put a plan in place that highlights both leads AND revenue.

Spinning up a reverse funnel will instill that sales, marketing, and the company are working towards the same thing — the revenue number.

Let’s start with this funnel example.

Marketing Funnel Goals and Bookings
Example: Booking goal by year and quarter. The average deal size is $21,000.
Marketing Funnel Conversion Rates
Example: The funnel metrics and corresponding conversion rates.

Your company has a goal of closing $6M in new bookings for the year. The goal for the first quarter (Q1) is $1M. Looking at your funnel conversions, your Q1 marketing, and sales metrics breakdown like this:

Marketing Funnel Reverse Engineer
Example: A reverse engineered marketing funnel that highlights marketing’s commitment to leads and MQL.

These numbers give marketing the insight to confidently commit to bringing in roughly 11,940 leads and committing to 597 MQLs to sales.

The reverse funnel also works for events, content marketing, social media, email marketing. Use it. for whatever has a conversion flow with an end goal.

Marketers, reverse engineer your funnels! You will not only look smarter, but this action will help you focus on building a meaningful marketing plan.

CEOs, encourage and support this.

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By Michelle Urban

Michelle Urban is the founder of Marketing 261, a digital agency for startups. With a hands-on, get-it-done attitude, she and her team focus on executing measurable plans to get real results. For over 15 years, she’s built scalable marketing programs for demand creation, lead generation, customer advocacy, and engagement. She’s also a wanna-be writer and weekend windsurfer who occasionally binge-watches Netflix. Ask her about the time she danced with Oprah and Beyoncé on live television.